My work addresses you as a whole person: mind, body and spirit. Together, we will gently and compassionately explore and identify the barriers that stand between you and your vision of a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life while learning to mobilize your existing strengths to overcome these barriers.

My work is grounded in the belief that we all have innate resources for happiness and ease that become concealed or undeveloped. Feeling overwhelmed or experiencing trauma, either our own or ancestral, we often develop coping skills that may no longer be serving us. It is my role to help you realign with your strengths and inner wisdom while uncovering what may be blocking inner resources and guidance. As a shamanically-informedtherapist, I provide a safe and sacred container to explore the changes you want to make in your life and offer you the tools and guidance to do that safely. 

I offer an integrative approach that is trauma informed, evidence based, and somatically oriented. I integrate traditional psychotherapy including EMDRIFS/PartsWorkCBT,and more somatically and energetically informed approaches drawing from Interpersonal Neurobiology and Poly Vagal Theoryandmore Shamanic-based approaches such as Ancestral Divinationand Family Constellationsto address ancestral wounds that need healing and ancestral gifts, that when tended, contribute to your sense of wholeness and interconnectedness. I offer “shamanic” work for my interested clients as a way to support and facilitate transformation, and we weave the learnings back into our “regular” psychotherapy work.


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