Aug 26 – Orders of Love and the Family Structure

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Aug 26 – Orders of Love and the Family Structure

When the Orders of Love are compromised in the family, this can lead to illness.

Sometimes our symptoms require us to face the very thing that made us most uncomfortable as a child.

One theme is that ‘parents are big and children are small’. Sounds obvious, but it is ‘out of order’ in a surprising number of our families.

This workshop will help you:
• See clearly the ‘orders of love’ in your family system. Feel how that might be creating challenges to your health. Imagine a new image of your parents as a bonded pair.

• Find a new way of relating to your parents as a couple, respecting their bond.

• Recognize ways we were entangled with our parents. Understand the trauma experiences behind those entanglements. Free ourselves to take in their love as they were able to give it.

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